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Improve Your Business Performance

by Improving Your Business Intelligence

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For many years, successful large businesses have deployed sophisticated Business Intelligence (BI) tools to help them manage and analyze their information, enabling them to increase revenue, reduce expenses and gain advantages over their competitors. Until recently, these top-tier BI tools were only available to the world’s largest companies with huge IT budgets. But now, SAP has brought its industry leading BI solutions to the small and mid-market, making them available and affordable to businesses of all sizes, across all industries.

DataSense Solutions can provide your business with a detailed view of these powerful and affordable Business Intelligence solutions from SAP/Business Objects. Engage us today and we will drill into solutions for your business in the following areas:


• Data Discovery, Data Visualization and Predictive Analytics
• Mobile Analytics, Dashboards and Reporting
• Ad-hoc Reporting and End-User Analysis
• Information Management and Data Quality


Request your Free On-Site Session Today!

We will show you how other companies in your industry empower employees at all levels of their organization to make timely and confident decisions using SAP/BusinessObjects tools, which provide them with easy access to relevant and trustworthy information.

If your organization is like most, it has collected large amounts of data but it is not able to easily and consistently leverage the collective value it contains to maximize the business potential. This session will show you how the information locked inside of your critical applications, multiple spreadsheets and across disparate databases can be managed to transform the way your company makes informed decisions. Sample benefits include:

  • Increase quality, customer satisfaction, retention, productivity and revenue
  • Increase efficiency in your Supply Chain, Manufacturing processes, and Human Resources
  • Reduce Risk, Theft and Fraud
  • Optimize Operational and Financial reporting processes and Marketing effectiveness

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