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230 Second Ave. Suite 130

Waltham, MA 02451

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Classroom Training & Certification

  • Live Instruction

    No matter what your industry, role, proficiency level or SAP solution area, there is a course for you. Our live instruction courses provide superb learning environments made possible by combining new instructional approaches with the most qualified instructors and the latest in multimedia.

  • Virtual Live Classroom

    Get the hands-on training of a traditional "brick and mortar" classroom without the related travel time or costs with virtual classroom training. Virtual Live Classrooms provide you access to certified experts using seamless over-the-web connectivity and get exclusive access to live systems throughout each course.

  • Certification

    Gain a competitive advantage, for you and your team, with SAP certification. Globally recognized, our certifications demonstrate that you have honed your skills through rigorous study and direct experience in your area of expertise. Whether you are a SAP partner, customer, or user - we offer certificate training by area of focus and skill level that will increase your technology value.

Online Training

  • E-Learning

    SAP e-learning courses include features such as knowledge checks, simulations, and work instructions to help you learn in an efficient and effective manner. The courses are designed for you to learn on your own, at any location with suitable access to the internet.

  • E-Academy

    Academies allow you to learn whenever and wherever you want. The learner gets flexible access to e-Learning content, training systems, and help desk support over a three or five month period.

  • Subscription

    An SAP e-learning subscription offers a unique way for learners to access one of four different libraries of online courses for 12 months at a single price. New courses or new versions of existing courses are incorporated into the libraries as they are released - giving learners access to the additional titles for theremainder of their subscription periods.

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