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Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Training

We are pleased to offer the following data warehousing and business intelligence courses.  Please feel free to drop us a note or call our training office at (781) 487-2625 for further information.

Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Courses  
DW101 Fundamentals of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (PDF)
Working on a business intelligence (BI) or data warehousing (DW) project can be overwhelming if you don’t have a solid grounding in the basics. It’s difficult to focus on the goals of the project if you’re bogged down by unanswered questions – or don’t even know what questions to ask. By arming yourself with knowledge of the concepts and fundamentals, you can hit the ground running. This course provides an overview that gives business and information technology professionals the confidence to dive right into their business intelligence and data warehousing activities. This course will discuss the drivers for these projects, their applications and uses, how to design and architect business solutions, the people and organizational factors, critical success factors and risks, and best practices. This is a two-day instructor led course.
DW201 Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: Project Management (PDF)
Project management is especially critical for a data warehouse project. Without good management, projects are prone to being short on required resources. They are late, over budget, low quality and, most importantly, they don’t meet expectations. The data warehouse or business intelligence project manager must embrace new tasks and deliverables, develop a different working relationship with the users, and work in an environment that is far less defined than with traditional operational systems. The project management course helps managers develop the skills they need to usher their projects through all phases of planning and implementation. It provides a solid basis on: test data, metadata planning, data stewardship, governance, backup planning, ROI measurement, documentation, support preparation, user training, communications planning, and other elements of a successful data warehouse.  This is a two-day instructor led course.
DW301 Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing: Architecture (PDF)
It’s critical that data warehouses are built with a solid architecture that successfully integrates data and supports the needs of the entire enterprise. But how do you choose which architecture will work best for you? This course explains the differences between the myriad architecture choices and helps you sort through them to determine the best fit for your organization. We'll examine the size and scope of the data warehousing program, expected timing and frequency of deliverables, anticipated return-on-investment, staff size and skill, available tools and technology. You'll learn how to assess your resources and requirements, and then make informed decisions about the best data warehousing architectures and methods for your organization.